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EN | Warranty Terms and Conditions
  1. VIDIS SA, whose registered address is at ul. Logistyczna 4 in Bielany Wrocławskie, 55-040 Bielany Wrocławskie, Poland (“Warrantor”) herewith provides this Warranty for AVTEK branded hardware products purchased on the territory of the European Union (the “Product”).
  2. The party entitled to the benefits under this Warranty shall be the entity which purchased the Product for their own use (“Buyer”).
  3. The term of the warranty varies by product as follows:
    • Avtek TS 7 Easy - 3 years
    • Avtek TS 7 Lite - 5 years
    • Avtek TS 7 Mate –-5 years
    • Avtek TouchScreen 6 Lite - 3 years
    • Avtek TouchScreen 6 Connect - 5 years
    • Avtek OPS - 2 years
    • Avtek TT-BOARD - 3 years. The term can be extended to up to 5 years at a fee of 69 € incl. VAT (if no longer than 3 moths have passed from the date of purchase).
    • Avtek projection screens - 3 years
    • Avtek accessories for projection screens - 3 years
    • Avtek 3D printers - 2 years
    • Avtek stands - 3 years
    • Avtek projector mounts - 3 years
    • Avtek projector lifts - 3 years
    • Avtek terminals - 2 years
  4. During the term of the Warranty, the Warrantor agrees to remedy any defects discovered in the Product by repairing the Product in the first place. Should it be impossible to repair the Product, the Warrantor agrees to either replace the Product with one that is free from defects (either a brand new Product or other product whose specifications are comparable or in any case not inferior to those of the Product being replaced) or to refund the price paid for the Product within 60 days from date on which the Warranty claim was received.
  5. This Warranty exclusively applies to the physical defects whose causes are inherent to the Product itself.
  6. This Warranty shall not apply to any defects caused by any factors for which the Warrantor is not liable, including without limitation:
    1. any mechanical damage sustained by the Product during its transport or reloading,
    2. any damage or malfunction caused as a result of improper use or abuse of the Product, the Buyer's negligence or the Product having been used in a way that is not prescribed in the user manual,
    3. using the Product for any purposes it is not intended for,
    4. any design flaws of the building's utility systems, an incorrect choice of the Product,
    5. incorrect installation, maintenance, storage or transport of the Product,
    6. any damage caused as a result of the use of non-genuine accessories or materials, or ones that do not conform to the manufacturer's recommendations,
    7. any damage resulting from chance events (e.g. surges in telephone or power supply networks, incorrect power supply voltage, connecting the Product to an ungrounded power outlet) or force majeure events (e.g. floods, fires, lightning storms, corrosion etc.),
    8. installing or using the Avtek interactive display in a horizontal position.
  7. Any occurrence of any bright or dark points on the LCD screen shall not be deemed to constitute a defect if the number of pixels that operate correctly still conforms to the ISO13406-2 standard on the quality and ergonomics of the Product.
  8. All the accessories included with the Product (remote control units, pens, cables) shall be subject to the same Warranty as the Product as such. This Warranty does not cover any mechanical damage to Accessories, or any defects that resulted from the normal tear and wear.
  9. This Warranty does not cover the Product's packaging, any parts of the Product that are subject to normal wear and tear, or any consumable parts or materials.
  10. This Warranty does not cover any of the following types of work carried out by the Authorised Service Provider, without limitation: equipment setup, cleaning, maintenance, or periodic checks. Those services shall be subject to their applicable fees.
  11. The Buyer's eligibility to the benefits under the Warranty shall be voided if it is established that:
    1. the Product has been modified,
    2. adjustments or repairs have been made to the Product by unauthorised individuals,
    3. any warranty stickers have been damaged,
    4. the Product is incomplete,
    5. the Product's serial numbers have been changed, removed or are not legible.
    6. The defects of the Product shall be removed by the Warrantor within a period agreed with the Buyer, which shall not be longer than 14 business days from the date on which the Product is delivered to the Warrantor.
  12. Should any spare parts need to be ordered or the repair prove to be a non-standard one, the Warrantor reserves the right to extend the period agreed for the removal of the defect, which in any case may not be extended to more than 60 days.
  13. The Warrantor shall not be obliged to provide the Buyer with any temporary replacement for the equipment submitted for warranty service.
  14. The Buyer’s entitlement to Warranty services shall be conditional on a proof of purchase of the Product having been presented. All Warranty services shall be provided in line with the terms of this Warranty.
  15. The Buyer shall report the defect and provide all details of the technical issue encountered using a dedicated online form available on the website: avtek.eu
  16. While delivering the defective Product to the Warrantor, the Buyer shall make sure the RMA (Return Material Authorisation) number, which the Buyer will first have obtained from the Warrantor upon submitting the Warranty claim, is stated on its external transport packaging.
  17. The Warrantor shall cover the Product shipping costs and shall arrange for its collection from the Buyer.
  18. The Buyer shall be responsible for the correct de-installation of the Product, packaging it properly and for delivering it to the Warrantor. The Warrantor shall not be obliged to cover any costs of Product de-installation, or any costs of purchase of any materials needed to secure the Product properly for the purposes of its transport to the repair facility.
  19. The Warrantor reserves the right to charge the Buyer with the costs of the warranty claim processing incurred by the Warrantor if the Product proves to be free from defects, or if the damage is not covered by this Warranty.
  20. The defective Product that has been replaced with a new or alternative item in the course of resolution of the Buyer’s Warranty claim shall become the property of the Warrantor (the same also applies to any defective components and accessories replaced).
  21. All disputes that may arise between the Warrantor and the Buyer with respect to this Warranty shall be resolved by a common court competent for the registered office of the Warrantor.