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Displaying content

Being able to display images and videos to the audience is often a key success factor for a good presentation or lesson. If participants are also able to interact with them by making quick notes on them, drawing charts or even jotting down their own ideas directly on screen, countless additional opportunities emerge. An interactive display is a tool that combines both those strengths and enables the user to run their meetings or teach their students in an innovative, creative way.
Our high-end interactive displays support 4K/UHD resolution and are at least 55 inches in size, which means their touch panels are large enough to efficiently aid collaboration of entire teams. An interactive display is also a highly versatile solution, as it can be connected – either by cable or wirelessly – to a variety of devices.


Multitude of features and enhancements

There are numerous features and enhancements that make the interactive display so much more than just a touch-operated television set:

  • Tempered protective glass. For an interactive display, protecting the sensitive flat panel is key to ensuring the long life of the device. Regardless if used at school or in a conference room, reliable screen protection allows the users to focus on their work.
  • Professional LCD flat panel. The panels implemented in interactive displays are not generic consumer-class components. They are designed and manufactured specifically for their peculiar working environment. These long-life heavy-duty devices can operate for hours without interruption. Their wide viewing angles ensure the screen content is clearly visible to everyone in the room.
  • Durable housing. As in case of the protective glass, the housing of an interactive display is designed to give the display its modern looks while at the same time providing the necessary protection to the components inside.

Built-in Android

The interactive display is not just hardware. It also inherently includes the software bundled with it, whose core is the Android operating system. Thanks to Android, the display can easily be used without a PC connected to it. The set of features of an interactive display depends on the software applications installed on it. Some of them facilitate working with the device in a school classroom, some other save and edit the input added by the teacher or the students, while still others allow controlling the interactive display using a smartphone or tablet.


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