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Avtek is also a brand of a range of practical accessories, tailored for use with such audiovisual products as interactive whiteboards, displays and projectors.

Avtek Kabel HDMI

Each interactive whiteboard is also a dry-erase surface you can use to make notes with dry-erase pens, as you would normally do on a traditional whiteboard. Whiteboard care accessories will give your interactive whiteboard surface a long life.

Due to their compact size and high portability, multimedia projectors often travel with their users, which makes it important to secure them properly against damage in transit. Avtek projector bags have been designed to ensure the necessary protection to their valuable and fragile payload of most sizes. Their feature special inner belts which can be used to hold the projector in place and make them suitable for a majority of business projector models.

Avtek Kabel HDMI
Avtek Kabel HDMI
Avtek Kabel

The best quality of the input signal can only be obtained using best-in-class Avtek cables and connection accessories.

The Avtek soundbar 2.1 ver 2 is a perfect choice for all conference room and classroom applications that call for high quality sound. It makes an ideal companion for every interactive whiteboard and projector.

Avtek soundbar

Avtek Charging Cart is an extremely simple and practical device with which to easily store, charge and transport laptops and other mobile devices.

The device is available in two variants:

  • Avtek Charging Cart 20 (capacity: 20 laptops/tablets up to 15.6")
  • Avtek Charging Cart 30 (capacity: 30 laptops/tablets up to 15.6")

Avtek charging cart