About Avtek

About Avtek


The brand name Avtek stands for Audio Visual Technologies and was chosen to reflect the types of products it was intended to sell. Originally, the Avtek range primarily included visual presentation products, such as screens, projector mounts and presentation remote controls. More sophisticated equipment was planned for a later stage.

Avtek is owned by VIDIS SA, a Polish distributor of audio and video solutions, initially specialising mostly in the sale of multimedia projectors. Even though Avtek was created in response to a need to widen the existing range of products offered by VIDIS SA, the long-term plans for the brand were ambitious from the start: Avtek has always been intended to become an innovative brand able to successfully bring cutting-edge technologies and solutions to users in the educational and business markets.



Entering the market

The brand’s mission is to provide quality audiovisual products at reasonable prices, always in a manner aligned with existing market demands. The strategy we adopted, our selection of products and ensuring they were affordable for customers with a limited budget turned out to be the perfect mix. The first products offered under the brand included projection screens (wall- and tripod-mounted models) as well as wall and ceiling mounts for projectors. They were the perfect match for VIDIS’s product range, which mostly consisted of SANYO projectors at that time. Avtek's launch proved successful and the brand's logo was soon seen in more and more schools, conference rooms, design and engineering companies, and hotels, and being used by professional presenters.


Interactive whiteboards

Due to the great demand in the Polish educational sector for interactive solutions, Avtek extended its offering by adding the TT-Board family - its first interactive whiteboards, thus making a giant leap towards expanding its range to include more technologically-sophisticated products. The TT-Board series proved an immense success and have continued to be sold until the present. The popularity and quality of these products earned them Poland’s coveted Consumer Laurel Awards in 2014 and 2015.

Avtek meets the world at the Integrated Systems Europe trade fair

Avtek’s innovative interactive whiteboards demanded broader international publicity and the brand was exhibited at the ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) trade show in Amsterdam, the largest annual event for the European audiovisual industry. Needless to say, not only were our TT-Boards on display – Avtek's entire range of products was shown to the world, from projection screens and projector mounts to presentation remotes, speakers and accessories. The brand's presence at the ISE increased awareness of the brand and boosted its popularity outside Poland.


Interactive displays

Fuelled by the success of our interactive whiteboards, Avtek launched an even more advanced product: an interactive display. The trail-blazing Avtek TouchScreen 65″ was the first product in its category on the Polish market whose price made it affordable to the Polish education sector. Another helpful factor was the growing trend among customers who started replacing interactive whiteboards with this technologically more advanced solution – interactive displays. This is why the TouchScreen, and its successor TouchScreen P, turned out to be another success and a concept worth developing further.


Avtek PRO, a new series of interactive displays

The brains behind the brand’s success did not rest on their laurels and 2 years after the première of the first display the Avtek range was extended by the addition of the PRO series. The name was no accident: the new displays took the brand to a whole new quality level and were initially available in 3 sizes: 55”, 65” and 84” (and eventually two more sizes were added). In order to meet the growing requirements of the market, the displays were equipped with a host of new, highly anticipated features. The PRO series was a resounding success and continued to sell like hot cakes for the next three years.


Avtek Business and Digital Signage

After years of success delivering interactive solutions for education sector, the team behind Avtek decided to spread their wings and bring all the experience to the corporate customer. To do that two new models were introduced: TouchScreen 5 Business, first Avtek interactive flat panel with future oriented capacitive touch panel and Avtek Dual DS, a non-touch digital signage screen with 2 panels facing opposite ways, enclosed in a thin housing.

Avtek today

Intense work behind new products and updated models is going in full swing, motivated by successed behind the Avtek brand:

  • Over 250 000 products with Avtek logo sold.
  • Over 120 products in offer at the moment.
  • Sold in over 20 countries.
  • Avtek Interactive Whiteboards introduced in 2014 received Consumer Laurel award in Discovery of the Year category.
  • In the same country-wide, pro-consumer project Avtek brand received a Grand Prix prize in 2015 and the highest award – Top Brand in 2016.
  • Avtek products are the most often chosen in Poland in categories: projection screens, projector mounts, interactive flat panels, interactive whiteboards.

In 2012 interactive flat panels that started as a niche segment and over the years exploded into a main focus of the brand. Huge success of TouchScreen Pro and Pro2 made it possible to introduce two models at the same time as replacement:

  • TouchScreen Pro3 – economical 65” model with Full HD panel and more intuitive OS
  • TouchScreen Pro4K – mainstay model with 4 available sizes (55”, 65”, 75”, 86”), UHD panel and a faster OS

Both models carried further success both in terms of customer satisfaction and sales which lead the way to their replacements:

  • TouchScreen 5 Lite
  • TouchScreen 5 Connect (updated to newer, faster Connect+ XT)
  • TouchScreen 5 Business

This established two lines of Avtek TouchScreen IFPDs, but also changed their purposes and introduced a new one - Business. Wildly successful Lite series became one of the best bang-for-buck entry model on the market with surprising features and great price, passing most real world requirements. At the same time Connect and Connect+ grew to be a more premium solution offering more to a more advanced users.

Finally the Business series introduced a future-oriented capacitive touch technology along with an amazing design and completely new functionality.

What will the future bring?

Today Avtek is one of the most recognizable brands in Polish education sector when it comes to interactive solutions. Flat panels, whiteboards, accessories – all those product categories are steadily growing. Thanks to widespread campaigns Avtek is promoting modern teaching methods and supporting creativity in Polish students and teachers. Now we want grow to do the same in Europe while at the same time introducing our thought-out solutions to the corporate sector.

Thank you for your trust
Avtek Team