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Interactive displays

Interactivity at its best! Avtek stands for the very best image quality, intuitive operation, and versatility, which makes Avtek displays a great choice both for the classroom and a business meeting.

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Interactive whiteboards

The most user-friendly and easy-to-use range of interactive devices with quality guaranteed by Avtek. Avtek's interactive whiteboards, designed with the education sector in mind, are interactivity on a large scale and at an affordable price.

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Projection screens

Every projector needs a good projection surface to show off its true potential. Avtek’s broad range of projection screens offers a variety of sizes, aspect ratios and installation methods.

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3D Printers

A compact 3D printer you can easily find the space for in every classroom.

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Avtek accessories have been created to work perfectly with products designed for the classroom or conference room, extending and supplementing the features of Avtek displays and whiteboards.

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Installation systems

The benefits to be had from a device largely depend on how it has been installed. Avtek installation systems are a range of solutions for interactive displays, whiteboards and projectors and are all designed with the best quality and safety in mind.

Digital Signage

Avtek digital signage displays can be used to broadcast dynamic content in public and corporate spaces, while being updated remotely through software. They provide an interactive way to convey messages to audiences.