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Avtek's motto is "Engage, lead, inspire!” and it perfectly reflects the task which the brand was conceived to fulfil: to be a source of innovative audio-visual products of superb quality at affordable prices. Avtek was created by VIDIS SA, a Polish distributor of audio and video solutions, in 2004. From the very beginning of the brand’s life, the team behind it has been pursuing the ambitious goal of supplying the Polish market with innovative products which had previously either been absent on it or had been beyond the average consumer's reach.


Avtek products are not only limited to the Polish market. Our customers’ trust in our brand and the highly competitive pricing of our products enabled us to make them locally available in: Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Netherlands, Romania, France, Finland, Ireland, Kosovo, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, Germany, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, or Hungary.

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Avtek interactive products have been highlighted by consumers in a nationwide polls of popularity “Consumer Laurel” – a country-wide, pro-consumer project to determine the most popular products, brands and services in each category. In 2014 Avtek won “discovery of the year” award for innovative products and services that gained trust of customers after a short time on the market. In 2015 our brand was awarded with a special Grand Prix prize while in 2016 it received the highest award – Top Brand – which is given to brands that year to year maintain a dominant position in “Consumer Laurel” plebiscite, proving its success in the interactive products category.

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Avtek interactive flat panels are the most popular screens in Poland according to FutureSource for years 2015-2018.