TS 8 Easy

The Avtek TS 8 Easy monitor allows easy control of a connected Windows device using touch technology. The system from Microsoft has built-in control facilities for touch devices, making touch operation extremely easy. Interactive monitors of the Easy series in the basic version do not have an operating system preloaded. For full use of the device a connection to an external computer or the installation of an OPS module is required. It is possible to activate the Android 11.0 system on Easy series what requires the purchase of a separate product - Dongle to activate Android on TS 8 Easy 1TV333

Available sizes: 65”, 75”, 86”

Specification TS 8 Easy 65”

Specification TS 8 Easy 75”

Specification TS 8 Easy 86”

Technical specification

Resolution (px) 4K/UHD (3840×2160) @60 Hz
Brightness 260 cd/m2
Panel life time ≥ 50 000 hours
Video inputs 2x HDMI
Audio input Mini jack 3.5 mm
Audio output Mini jack 3.5 mm
Speakers 2 x 10W
WiFi/Bluetooth Yes
Warranty 3 year warranty

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