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CMS (Content Management System) application

The CMS Application (Content Management System) for Avtek DS monitors is a modern and comprehensive tool for managing, scheduling and monitoring content displayed on digital monitors. With a wide range of features, it makes it easy to manage digital signage systems in a variety of environments.

CMS application features for Avtek DS:
  1. Monitoring the Status of Monitors. The user can review the current status of all monitors, quickly determining their status: online, playing content, offline, downloading content from the server, encountering errors or pausing content.
  2. Storage of Materials. Centrally store a variety of media and documents: images, video, music, RSS addresses and web pages. This makes it easy to manage content and quickly create playlists.
  3. Playlist Editor. A simple, intuitive editor for creating, editing and managing playlists from material stored on the server.
    The editor allows you to add elements such as
    • Photos
    • Videos
    • Scrolling captions, including RSS feeds
    • Date and time
    • Website
  4. Two-Step Account Verification A mechanism for verifying content before publication, allowing for additional review and approval by a designated person.
  5. Schedule Management Planning and modifying schedules for putting players to sleep and waking them up, as well as displaying content on individual devices.
  6. Operations Log A log of all actions and operations performed on the server, providing transparency and control over user actions.
  7. 7. Real-Time Preview A feature that provides a real-time view of what is displayed on each player, helping to monitor and diagnose any problems.
  8. Remote Control of Players Users can remotely control the players, including playing and pausing content and adjusting volume levels.
  9. Startup Schedule with Input Selection For external players, the application allows you to program a startup schedule along with the precise selection of the input to be activated upon startup.

The CMS application for Avtek DS monitors is a comprehensive solution for any organization or company using digital signage systems. It gives users full control over displayed content, from creation to real-time management and monitoring. Its versatility, intuitiveness and advanced features make it an indispensable tool in the world of digital content display.

Important installation information

The Avtek CMS application, used to manage Avtek DS monitors, requires steps to be taken for its activation and proper operation. The key element is the activation of the license, which must be done by contacting the device supplier. It should be noted that the license is assigned to a specific computer, which forces the careful selection of the device on which the application will be installed.

In a situation where you are not sure on which device you want to install Avtek CMS software, there is an option to generate a term demo license. This temporary license allows you to test the application's performance and evaluate the CMS's usability before making a final decision on the target device on which the software will be installed. This is a useful solution for users who want to ensure that the device they choose will be suitable for full use of the CMS functionality.

In addition, in the process of activating a full license, it is necessary to provide information about the number of monitors to be supported by the device. Without this key information, the license cannot be properly issued.

Importantly, Avtek DS monitors are designed to be connected to only one server at a time. Therefore, the Avtek CMS application should be installed on one selected device. Other computers can connect to this application as long as they are on the same network and provided that the computer with the application installed is turned on and connected to the same network.

For detailed information on the operation and configuration of Avtek CMS, please refer to the manual included with the application.

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