TouchScreen 5 Lite

TouchScreen 5 is a new generation of Avtek interactive displays, currently made up of two models: Lite and Connect. Each of the two devices has a 4K@60Hz display panel, 20 touch points and a high-performance operating module running Android 7.0. Their display software can be upgraded online, which ensures future access to new features. In addition, both displays are compatible with Avtek Share, a wireless USB device that enables transmission of video, audio and touch to the display without installing any additional software on the user's laptop. TouchScreen 5 Lite can be used in a multitude of scenarios, as it offers all the key benefits of an interactive display: high resolution, the Android operating system with a selection of useful apps, an OPS slot and a standard set of ports for easy connection to the user’s PC.

Available sizes: 55”

Specification TouchScreen 5 Lite 55”

Technical specification

Resolution (px) 3840 x 2160
Brightness 300 cd/m2 or more (depending on the model)
Panel life time 30.000 h
Surface protection Toughened Glass with Level 7 of Mohs Standard, 4 mm antiglare tempered glass
Video inputs 2xHDMI, VGA (D-Sub15)
Audio input Mini jack 3.5 mm
Audio output Mini jack 3.5 mm
Speakers 2x 10 W
WiFi/Bluetooth TP-Link WiFi dongle
Additional functions Android OS, Touch menu OSD, Slot OPS, USB Media Player
Accessories Power cord (3 m), VGA cable (3 m), USB cable (5 m), audio cable mj 3,5 mm (5 m), plastic pen (3 pcs), remote controller, quick guide, CD or USB flash drive with drivers and software
Certificates CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, RoHS, WEEE
Warranty standard warranty of 3 years, 2 years for panel – longer warranty may be offered in your region, contact your local dealer for more information

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