Frame Cinema 280

Technical data
Product features
Control type:
Screen dimensions:
2830 x 1670 mm
120 [inch]
Side black frames:
8,6 cm Velvet Frame mm
Viewing area:
266 x 150 mm
Projection surface:
Matt White
Net weight:
9,6 kg
Gross weight:
16,4 kg
Packaging dimensions:
293,6 x 25 x 17 cm
Product code:
  • Screen made for projection of wide format, high quality image in home cinema
  • High quality projection surface with reflection factor (gain) of 1.0
  • Absolute flatness - spring mount system equalizes the tension on the fabric surface, providing the best uniformity and minimizing image distortion
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Aluminum alloy frames are conencted with insert-type steel corner brackets providing a rigid structure
  • For increased contrast and elegant appearance, frames are covered with velvet

Warranty: 3 years

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